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Markaz at a Glance

Markaz-E-Adab-O-Science, Ranchi, a Charitable Educational Trust (Regn. No. 966/IV-474) was established in 1995 with a view to generate the education, economic and social awareness among Muslim masses and then to establish a multi-objective institution for preparing an effective, wise and dynamic leadership to make them disciplined in education and to train them for different competitive fields. This motive is to be promoted with religious understanding, communal harmony and moral values on the basis of comparative studies of different religion. The main cause behind the spread of communalism, casteism and regionalism is to be traced out and got rid of it. This can be effectively done by organising seminars, symposia, public lectures, publishing articles, etc.

Activities at a Glance

  • To achieve the above objectives MAOS is divided into the following four units for rendering valuable services to the masses:

  • Centre for Literature (Sajjad Library)
  • Total no. of books on 77 topics-15,000
  • No. of important files of literary magazines-25
  • No. of educational, social & academic magazines-45
  • Documentary files & clippings-110
  • No. of audio cassettes-150
  • No. of video cassettes-10
  • Files of important papers of 30 years-5
  • Total no. of beneficiaries - 1500

Comparative Religion

To promote Inter Religious Dialogue and moral values on the basis of comparative study of different religions in this subcontinent, the Trust organises seminars and interfaith coalition for promoting Peace, Non-Violence and Spirituality in this subcontinent.

Research & Publications

A brief assessment of the publications made by the Markaz to fulfil the aims and objectives is as follows : 6 Nos. of literary books published 3 Nos. of books published on educational and academic problems 3 Nos. of books published on comparative ideologies 105 Nos. of articles published on general problems of Muslim masses, career guidance and counselling, science and technology, communal harmony, etc. in different reputed national journals and magazines 90 Nos. of lectures delivered on different topics in various seminars A Book entitled "New Opportunities of Education and Employment" on Career Guidance & Career Counseling has already been published.
No. of Institutions Established
  • Sajjad Computer Training & Guidance Centre (SCTGC) Bariatu
  • IGNOU Special Study Center, (Code: 0531) for MBA, MCA,BCA & CIC
  • Sajjad Institute of Information Technology (SIIT), Kantatoli
  • Study Centre of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU)

Research going on:-
  • Education in 21st century
  • Problem of Muslim Representation from Panchayat to Parliament
  • Ideological and Technical Foundation of Indian Literatures (with special reference to Urdu, Hindi, English, Sanskrit and Tamil