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Inauguration of SIIT new treimster at Kantatoli , Ranchi.
Release of book of Banda-e-Momin by honorable Chief Minister Nitish kumar.

Founder Chairman's Desk

It is a fact that change is the essence of life . The humanity at large has come from palm-leaf to the computer's screen . This 21st century is the era of exloding Communication, shrinking goverments and expanding market arena. IT , E-Commerce and Multimedia will wield power , both political and economic. Hence the world is moving towards unipolar world order with a blind race of competition , selfishness , consumerism, cruelty, multidimensional crises and terrors . So the entire system of education has to be redefined and renovated, because education is not only a preparation of life, education is life itself. It should be the basis of the development of total personality; physically, mentally, morally and spiritually under the shadow of Divine Guidance. This will lead the coming generation to creativity, righteousness and courage with beauty in thw character, harmony in the home and order in the nation. Where there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world. We the trustees of Markaz-E-Adab-O-Science are humbly trying; Courage to think different, to invent, to travel into an unexplored path, to Combat the problems and succeed.

Director's Desk

Education is very powerful tool for empowering people and for giving them self-diginity. Aristole, the ancient Greek philospher, once remarked that the fate of the nation depends on the education of youth. Therefore for accupying one of the leading nations of the world we must equip our young generation with higher education and latest technologies. A nation must develop new ways to educate this ever-changing work force by developing the best technologies to meet the unique needs to educators, students, professionalsand support accademic achievment. The age of information introduces new demands and requires reorganization . The challanging task is to provide quality based education through recognized national standards & certifications to budding youths. Our Trust Markaz-E-Adab-O-Science is imparting heigher education through recognized national standard bodies such as DOEACC,MHRD, Govt. of India, IGNOU, MANUU & SITD. Through these reputed institutions we are committed to provide sustainable and affordable high quality programmes and different courses across disciplines, and at a variety of levels to meet the life-log education, training, capacity building and public service needs of anyone, anytime and anywhere. Our motto is to form a Knowledge based E-society. Let us disseminate the education to the most disadvantaged and unreached masses of the society with a minimum affordable cost.